We assume the responsibility of delivering high quality an trustable information, therefore our staff is professionally trained:
  • Our researches have a high school diploma.
  • Supervisors and coordinators have either high school diploma or bachelor degree.
  • All the personal involved in a marketing research participates of an internal training of 15 hours average; with our own handbook, the introducing course to marketing research.
  • This is a highly important area since an inadequate care for the field work may lead to wrong results even if the analysis is done correctly.
  • No money or resources are wasted.
  • Our internal field work team is formed by 10 project coordinators, 26 supervisors and 112 researches.
Approximately 90% are experienced people, dedicated full time to marketing research.

In order to keep a better control on the info quality we follow the next procedure:

An oral and written training is given to the people involved in the project. We ask our clients and the project manager to have an active participation, as well as the supervisor, field work researcher including the coding and tabulators staff for getting a larger project comprehension.

A pilot project of the client-approved questionnaire is made after the training, used for time estimation of the field work, comprehension of open and close questions for both the interviewer and interviewed.

A sample dispersion is programmed to be done on the four cardinal points of the city to study.

A calendar is made by time, neighborhoods/working points, approved by our client.

The researchers and people involved receive the information after the field work on the first day of working.

Every project is done with a record including the most important issues that come out during the field work.

Daily reports are sent before 12 o'clock at noon.

Field work supervision: 60% direct, meaning the supervisor interviewing again the interviewed from the filters and some random questions to the end of the interview.
40% going back to the house rechecking the demographic data and filter questions to the interviewed.
100% questionnaire check in our offices.

Quality area: This area is in charge of checking that each one of the questionnaires are fully answered and understood by the coordinators, supervisors, researchers and interviewers.

Our office staff is constantly informed of the field work.

Paper questionnaires delivered every third business day supervised and validated at a 100% at coding or to the client who asks for the service.

For field work questionnaires outside the capital and main cities, they are delivered after 2 days of working, since we use the shipping companies for this so we depend upon them.

A productivity form is used on each area and the project status is reported to our client.

We have the human and technical resources for local, regional and national studies.

We have study coordinators, supervisors and interviewers for making the project right for you.

Mexico city: 15 supervisors, 60 researchers, and 6 study coordinators.

Monterrey: 6 supervisors, 22 researchers and 2 study coordinators.

Guadalajara: 5 Supervisors, 22 researchers and 2 study coordinators.

Tuxpan 18 piso 1, Roma Sur 06760, México D.F
Telephone: +52 (55) 5264-8932 / 5110
servimer@servimer-research.com / servimer-research@eninfinitum.com