For field work we use the most accurate methodologies according to the study, either one-to-one or telephone interviews such as:
  • House by house, one-to-one interview
  • (C.L. T Central Location)
    • Mainly used for product testing or concept. Local halls are rented to avoid interference or slant during the information collection.
    • We include pre-recluted people and some others recluted at the time, as long as they qualify according to the filters, socio-economical level and type of consumer needed for the market research.
  • Telephone interviews:
    • The typical ones using pen and paper, and
  • CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing). With a listing or previously based or the yellow pages by city.
  • CAPI (Computer interviews)
  • PDA (Which makes info available right after finishing the daily field work). This type of program offers many advantages from controlling the fees or filters at field kicking off and during the whole process.

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