Looking to offer our clients a more complete service, we introduced qualitative research into our services, although some had been done in the years before.

Therefore experienced executives with a long pathway through diverse market areas were incorporated to our company.

Qualitative research is a powerful tool used to explore a subject, service or consumer goods. It is used to solve a particular problem, such as: feelings about products, symbols, perception, consumer behavior and attitudes, among others.

Qualitative research is highly flexible on the way of conducting, and it allows the client's participation who may go deeply on the interesting issues and has the opportunity of asking while the session is being done.

SERVIMER RESEARCH counts on professional psychologists and sociologist with more than 10 years of experience, conducting researches of different types.

We lay on different tools like:
  • Projective techniques
  • Word association
  • Phrase completing
  • Role playing
  • Techniques used according to the particular research needs.

For a qualitative research we use:
  • Micro session (4-6 participants)
  • Group session (8-10 participants)
  • Depth interviews
  • Ethnography

We cover mainly Mexico city, Monterrey and Guadalajara, but are capable for research in any city of Mexico.

Sessions development

Group sessions are done usually in Gesell chambers. Under require our researches are done in properly adapted restaurants and halls.

Focus Vision

Live Video transmission technology for qualitative research

Focus Vision: a tool that allows you to follow and participate in the sessions on real time from your own office and through internet.

In the cities that we don't have a Gesell chamber, halls in hotels and restaurants are adapted for making a group session, including the recording and video taping.


Our staff is highly experienced on this type of research. We make a pre-recluting of 20% out of the total sample.

We guarantee you to keep the objective public profile through some simple steps:
  1. Before they get into the group session we ask them for an official id: Driver's license, passport, military ID or voter ID.

  2. We apply a questionnaire with the required filters to be sure they have the right profile for: product or service user or consumer, social-economical level, gender, age, etc.
It is all coordinated by both executive and research coordinators.

In order to offer a nice and comfortable ambience for the guests on the sessions we offer:
  • Coffee break
  • An incentive, which could be cash or a gift
Qualitative research examples

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